Molly has never read a Jane Austen novel. Becca grew up loving them.

Join us as we take the plunge into the Austen canon, starting with Pride and Prejudice. Listen and read along as Molly experiences these books for the first time and learns why the classics are the classics. Whether you're a die hard Austen fan, or a virgin to Jane (see what we did there?) we've got the podcast for you.

About Molly

Molly is a writer, actor, and avid audio fiction listener from Central New York, based in Brooklyn. She loves Harry Potter, Star Wars, and showing her coworkers photos of her dog. When she isn't reading Jane Austen, she can be found debating the pros and cons of the Baby Yoda phenomenon. You can follow her on Instagram at @b.b.eight, and on Twitter at @youngcornchip.

About Becca

Becca is an acting, singing, and law studying triple threat based in the New York area. She is also a grade A literature geek, and grew up reading the classics. She first came to Jane Austen through the Emma Thompson adaptation of Sense and Sensibility, which she has been watching as long as she can remember. She first read Pride and Prejudice in high school, and the other books soon followed. Now, Becca prides herself on nagging her friends to like things she likes, and this podcast is a culmination of that energy.

Our Team

Graham Cook (Audio Producer) is a theater practitioner and dungeon master based in Philidelphia. He has never read Jane Austen, but thought she wrote Little Women. Torrence Browne (Graphic Designer) is a graphic designer and theater administrator based in New York City. He has never read Jane Austen. He also thought she wrote Little Women. @torrencebrowne


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